Austerity in 2011

As the level of optimism seems to be scrutinized under the eyeglass of economic pursuits the emerging ones have scaled higher than the rich G7 at the dawn of 2011.But,one is yet to recover from the penny pinching year that raised the value of the word ‘austerity’ beyond unprecedented limits. Sitting high with pride as being declared as the word of the year by Merriam-Webster and the highest searched term over the virtual arena it did give optimism a run for its money in every sense. The line of thought that yet rumbles the hopes of the New Year is that has the crisis melted down with the optimism of economic growth or just being disguised under the superficial dreams.
On the hindsight if economically austerity may seem to be rooted out but it seems to make its comeback with aesthetics. ‘Emotional Austerity’ is set to be as one of the interior design trends sketched out by IMM Cologne and laid out within the book Interior Trends 2011.Blending old details with new technologies finding a way into hearts across the globe is the route paved for emotional austerity. The economy may have been burned by austerity but the flip side of the word may rule the design industry for the year to come and may prove to be enriching.

Language Art

Language a Sculptural Material

Raising a question on the nature of art Conceptual Art predominantly raises the right of speech against the conventional notions of art and liberates the creative thinker. Pursuing it further to its extreme is Lawrence Weiner, an art freedom fighter who was a catalyst in the conceptual art movement in the 60’s.Lawrence explored the artist and viewer relationship and incorporated language as a raw material for creating art. Words used to construct language can independently create an installation or any other form of art using contemporary mediums as well. In1969, he formulated his famous Declaration of Intent:
1.The artist may construct the piece.
2. The piece may be fabricated.
3. The piece need not be built.
Each being equal and consistent with the intent of the artist the decision as to condition rests with the receiver upon the occasion of receivership’.
Creating books, films, videos, performances and audio works using language as a material Lawrence is a creative visionary and a true contemporary artist.
Word, text or language art can work to produce and communicate thought provoking linguistic structures and installations across varied formats.

BUYcotting 2010

If democracy is power of the one then buycotting is the power that converts one into multiples. Activism is not only for expressing rights but can also be used for implementing rights. It is a right that comes from the mind and can be directed towards the right of the wallet. Not just any wallet but a moral one. Then may it be to purchase an organic tea, drive a hybrid car or eat in a pay-it-forward joint. Being just a consumer is something we do naturally but an activist consumer needs to indulge in right to information. Do not just wear the attitude of your brand that you live by but know the brand. Advocacy can be fragile in motive but buycotting is consumerism with a cause.
The podium has already been made stronger with social networking tools that generously propagate these conscience consumers. Non profit organizations exist but float on gratitude whereas now commercialization that thinks from the heart is earning the new support. It is about enduring a brand that indulges into means to reduce not just their carbon footprints but to give back to the people who carry their brand for years and make it a part of their life.
So go pick up your wallet power and pay aid to a company that satisfies your desires without damaging your world. Go Buycotting without guilt.

Revisiting Cubism

Perceived reality was taken over by conceived reality. A phase that marked the opening of modern art was completed by two parts. One being analytical, where geometric shapes and subdued colours were used to show many aspects simultaneously. And other being synthetic, that was decorative and collage with brighter colours. These two cubist dimensions were the vision that Picasso and Braque explored and refrained from any absolute within it. It is about cubes, spheres, cylinders, and cones as every aspect of nature is composed and envisioned through them. “Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird” by Wallace Stevens a cubist poet also translated cubism’s multiple perspectives into lines of revelling poetry. Cubism may or may not exist today but is an era that will be recalled for its creative revolutions.We take a moment to pay our homage to “Cubism”a word that exhibited radical influences in not only art but also music and literature but got lost in the trails of surrealist thought.

Synthetic-Glass and Bottle of Suze by Picasso

Glass and Bottle of Suze By Picasso

Analytic-The Portuguese by Georges Braque
The Portuguese by Georges Braque

Being Stupid

(Be)ing Stu(pi)d. A line of misdeeds in this controlled world of economy and balance is what being stupid is genetically named for. But as this brand spells its new manifesto it has recoined “stupid” as “courageous”. Stupid can be a whole new definition but cannot be smart. As smart is about conventionality and perimeter behaviour that never fails. And, stupid is about errors that transcend into ideas that can bring revolutions but cannot assure always success. So being stupid could be the new stud on the block of marketing but cannot be smart. The diesel manifesto does bring a new dimension to a thrown off word but cannot replace it with being smart.

140 Culture

WORDS. We experience them, live them and feel them by simply speaking them. But, what pinnacles the list is we also think through them. Words are limited to 140 characters today but express the most. Taking the 140 culture ahead we unleash the inspiration that words hold when put into different social, business and creative spaces.We see visual fluency as the next language for 2010 but yet the power of 140 characters in every format of media is constructed by chosen words. The trends lab brings out predictions for the 2010 with 140 characters taking communication to a more sharper and less cluttered space with innovation.